Why oh Why?!

I read about this amazing new site, HULU on a fellow bloggers blog Mom’s Happy Handful

There you can download a lot of tv shows and even movies FOR FREE.  Wonderful!  How Exciting!  I was thinking.  We have zip zilch zero tv at the moment.  Not even CNN or BBC anymore since we moved.  We’ve debated everything from satellite to slingbox and haven’t reached a choice yet.  So imagine how thrilled I was to find HULU.  I went and saw that HOUSE, my favorite show on the planet, was listed.  And new episodes too.  But of course as I clicked the link picked out my episode, it recognized my dang German connection and won’t let me download it.  Pffttt!  I am bummed.  I want my HOUSE and I want it NOW!

3 thoughts on “Why oh Why?!

  1. Boo! I had high hopes for hula. I just spent $300 in dvds here in the states (including House). Hopefully this will tied us over until we figure out whether to go Slingbox or satellite. I feel your pain!


  2. Nice tip on the TV stuff. A little late on this one, but welcome to NRW by the way. We’re in Düsseldorf. Hopefully the transition to life in Germany is going well. No matter what goes well, the transition is always more challenging than you thought.


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