Back from vacation

The Highlights of Vacation Time:

Chalk Drawing with Cousin Debbie

Painting with Aunt Sarah

Playstation Time

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Cozy Coupin’

Umm, I still fit!

The great Egg Hunt

I think I need another vacation.  Before we left last Tuesday, three of the four of us had colds.  I was the only one spared and I was feeling pretty smug about that.  Well, smack me down Mr Nasty Cold!  Day two of vacation here comes Mr Nasty Cold.  I think I went through the entire tissue supply in New Jersey over the last 5 days.  It has been a nose blowing, sore throat, achy body kind of vacation.  Oh, and the usual Target run, mall trip and Easter egg hunt thrown in for fun.

I may have to blog more later.  A certain little Chickadee spent SEVEN HOURS squiggling on my lap aboard a plane recently and I got zero sleep.  So, much laundry and rest is needed.  I leave you with pictures instead.

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