It’s Back-to-School Monday

The little dude is back to school this morning.  Holiday is over.  I can’t say how sad we all are about this.  It was a chore to wake both kids this morning (not to mention getting myself out of my super soft warm cozy bed).  I hope he has a good first day back.  He seemed fairly alert and awake when he headed inside the school.  Always a good sign!

We are getting ready to start planning out our holidays for the next year.  There is a big sale coming up on airline tickets (I won’t tell which or when or you will all get the tickets instead of me 🙂 so we want to be ready with our school holiday dates.  I’ve left a message at Boo’s school for next year to get the info on the holiday schedule.  I see Rome and Scotland on the horizon.  We are heading to my hometown in late July for a visit and my cousin’s wedding and I am excited we already have our tickets (4 tickets – Chickadee will have to start getting her own seat in two months!  Yikes the big 2!).  Wherever we end up going I am looking forward to going someplace fun and maybe warmer than here.  I am hoping we may also get to take a weekend trip at the beginning of May since there is a holiday.  
After reading the book I talked about in my last post (it was so good!) I am really interested in going to Weimar and seeing if they have a memorial set up or if part of the concentration camp has been preserved.  I read it was one of the largest in Germany.  Obviously it is not a trip with children in tow and not a happy type of trip but something very important and with so much history I really don’t want to leave Germany without visiting one of these sites.  Remembering what these sites where, how they came to be and what they represented is important.  Since I studied this in high school and these horrible events ended just a few short years before my parents were born, it would just be very powerful to see them in person.  
If we don’t study the past we are doomed to repeat it right?

2 thoughts on “It’s Back-to-School Monday

  1. Woo Hoo, fun fun in the sun finally!!! If you go to Disney, please may I come this time?? LOLand I love the picture!!!! That is a HUGE pillow!!!! lol. You could add Colorado to your list of places to go and see!!!!!! *hint hint* And I hope that Patric had a good day at school too.


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