Stupid People Should Not be Parents

I can hardly control my shaking anger to type up this post.  Just now I saw Stupid Parent number 758 at the store.  Or rather I saw what Stupid Parent 758 did. 

After making my purchase at Müller, with my sweet baby on my hip, I head back out to my car. Chickadee’s carseat is on the passenger side of the BACKSEAT of the car (a Stupid Parent would put the baby in the Front Seat).  So I walk around and buckle her in.  There is a little red car parked next to me.  I look at the car.  Blink a few times, look again.  Look one more time scanning the area in the car and the area outside, after all they could just be returning a cart.  NOPE.
Sound asleep in it’s carseat is a NEWBORN BABY all ALONE in the car.  NO parent anywhere in sight.  I sat in my car for a few minutes.  No one showed up.  It’s probably a good thing no one did.  For their sake.  I would have had a very hard time restraining myself from yelling at them what a stupid moron they were and where on earth did they ever get the idea they’d be a good parent and who the F (use your creative imaginations for that one) leaves their baby alone in the car???
I have never done this unless my child was in my garage with the garage door down and the door into the house open.  And only then just to bring in the groceries and then head back out and either sit in the car with them till they woke up or taken them out of the car.  And I’m talking about a typical American style garage here, one that you get out of your car and walk directly into your house.  If it’s raining you don’t even get wet type of thing.
I just can not believe the stupidity of people.  To me leaving a child alone in a car; that’s Child Abuse.  Plain and simple.

4 thoughts on “Stupid People Should Not be Parents

  1. Perhaps you may want to avoid travels to Norway or Finland where it’s normal for a parent to leave the carriage parked with the baby in it, unattended outside a store or cafe while they shop.Such a different world than the US, not sure if it’s better or worse though. :-/


  2. Now, see I would have called the police. Here in Florida, children die that way. Seriousy, a couple times a year you hear of a stupid ass parent leaving their baby in the car while they go do something and when they come back out the baby is dead because of how hot it got in the car. Pets too…people kill their pets this way too. Maybe it’s different because of the intense heat here in Florida, but that little scenario would have caused police, fire trucks, breaking of windows, and news crews!!! Boils my blood!!


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