When you have one apple and tart shells…

You can do this on the spur of the moment.
As I walked into HIT yesterday, there they were.  These cute little mürbe-torteletts.  They are very similar to graham cracker pie shells instead of pastry pie type of shells.  I had intended to fill them with fruit and ice cream but forgot to buy both the fruit and the ice cream 🙂
Upon returning home I discovered I had one of my apples left from our purchase at the fruit stand this weekend (conveniently located at the end of our street, a 3 minute walk).  I peeled, cored and thinly sliced the apple placing the slices into a saucepan.  I put the heat on low-med and added a teaspoon of water and about a 1/4 cup of sugar.  Then I added a bit of cinnamon.  Cook them until soft and divide the apple slices into the tarts.  Add a spoonful of the liquid remaining in the saucepan to each tart.  Served with the bourbon-vanilla ice cream Hubby brought home they were delicious.  
Ah I love Spur-of-the-moment cooking!

5 thoughts on “When you have one apple and tart shells…

  1. Hi Andrea,How am I just finding all the cool stuff on your blog? I just love posts about food and stupid parents! tee hee. Now I’m going to be a blogging mama addict. -Jtaiwanlucy.blogspot.com


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