The Bookshelf Meme

While I wasn’t tagged for this meme I have enjoyed seeing other bookshelves around the blogosphere.  So i thought it only fair to share my own bookshelves as well.

Bookshelf 1 has lots of things.  The bottom two shelves are dedicated to the kids various games and toys.  Chickadee will be more than happy to remove any book I place on the lower shelves so… she gets her own shelf.  The middle shelf has travel books and some photo albums and scrapbooks, the next shelf up contains my beloved collection of Harry Potter books from around the globe, a few of Hubby’s books and a picture of my Boo.  The top shelf has some of my favorite series books, a glass keepsake box that was given to us a wedding gift where I have all Boo’s birthday candles from year one and up and my wooden shoe from our trip to the Netherlands in 06.  And the requisite tape measurer that we haven’t yet done anything with so it goes on the bookshelf.  On the top of the bookshelf (not in the picture) are various photo albums and my Harry Potter chess set.
Bookshelf 2 contains the majority of my books that I tend to read over and over.  At any given time there can be no less than four bookmarks in any of these books (currently 14 bookmarks).  Some books with bookmarks – 
My Life by Bill Clinton  (I started it when it came out am still hardly into it.  It’s interesting, I just haven’t sat down for ten days required to bother finishing it)
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (I’ve read the first section on Italy but when she goes to the Anshram in India, it loses all interest for me.)
The Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan (This is my second reading and I stopped just before the last chapter and haven’t gone back to it.)
Currently there are three not on the shelf that I am in various stages of reading.  On the top are family photo’s of friends and my kids.  The two snowmen were a Christmas gift from my parents (should really put them away as it is April!) a red lantern from Ikea that I really liked for adding color, a mini-Eiffel Tower from Paris, the souvenir  piece of the Berlin Wall from our trip last year, a Christmas ornament, a Waterford shamrock paperweight that was a wedding gift (since we got married on St Patrick’s Day) and two small Buddha statues from our trip to Taiwan.
There used to be a third bookshelf that I kept upstairs in the loft but it is now in what I lovingly call the dungeon in the basement.  These are the trash romance type of book along with reference books like Toilet Training for Dummies.  They are still in the moving boxes and except for the potty training book, likely to stay in the box until we move in two years.
My bookshelves are pretty much me and display my diverse taste in all things books.

One thought on “The Bookshelf Meme

  1. I had the same experience with Eat, Pray, Love! I read and reread the section about Italy, couldn’t get through India (so I skipped it) and went straight to love in Indonesia.And I won’t apologize for it. 🙂


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