Pictures of the day

We spent a beautiful Sunday hanging up some pictures around the house.  Well, four of the many pictures anyway.  The first is my favorite.  Painted by my Boo 🙂  It hangs right next to my desk so I can look at it and just smile all day long.  It is a Gruffalo based on a book he read at school.  The moment I saw the painting I knew what it was and that it deserved some wall space.

The picture below used to hang in our entry hall and is now in our dining room. 

Hubby bought me this after we saw it at Ikea and I commented how much I liked it (they are buildings in NY).  It hangs on the wall opposite to the bicycle picture in the dining room.
It was a great day and we spent a good part of it playing outside after we did our chores.  We topped off the afternoon by heading down to Starbucks for coffees.  The Bonn marathon was in the city yesterday so we had to do a bit of sightseeing to get to city center but that’s ok.  Lucy likes driving 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pictures of the day

  1. Looks like you have quite the artist on your hands! Tell Patrick that Auntie Val loves his picture! Can’t wait to see him and Miranda this summer too!


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