The past 24 hours

The last 24 hours have not been my favorite.  I am hoping whatever karma I upset sets things to rights soon because, really, have mercy on this poor soul!  

Last night a woman from my American group comes over to buy a stroller I had for sale.  We were not able to connect at Ikea as planned because she wanted to meet in the afternoon and I couldn’t with school pickup.  She is due this week with a baby so she said she didn’t want to postpone and would just come to my house.  Fantastic!  She gets to drive the 45 mins and I get rid of a stroller and make some money to put towards that new camera I want.  Life is good.  I removed the stroller from my car and when she arrives I show her how to use it.

‘You pull this handle to recline… umm, like this… uhh.’  Yep, the thing would NOT recline.  We spent 30 mins trying to figure out why it will no longer recline when two days ago it worked perfectly fine.  I was mortified that she drove all this way and it did not work.  Meanwhile the three kids (one of hers, two of mine) are running around like banshees (ok mine were, hers was reading a book like an angel).  I am sweating and embarrassed.  She is being really cool about the whole thing but I feel so dumb that the stroller I never, ever, once used won’t work.  It ended ok because she asked what other strollers I had for sale (I had three) and she ended up taking the Mac instead.  After hubby got home he fixed the other stroller.  One piece that allows it to recline was slightly bent preventing it from sliding.  All fixed and now works fine.
The second event was that the guy we hired to install the tv dish never showed up.  So no phone call no nothing.  Who knows when or if we will ever get him to come out?  We’ve got the box, the SKY card is on the way, but no satellite dish.
This morning I got Lucy’s picture taken.  By the polizei.  Yep, I got a camera ticket that will be arriving in the mail in the next 4-6 weeks.  I admit I was doing about 40 km/h in a 30.  So yes I was speeding (it’s like 5 miles over if that!)  Agrrrhh!  I won’t be taking that shortcut to school anymore.
And to top off the morning (thus far anyway) I met the really nice people that went to the bowling event for my dh’s work last week (hubbys sorta work together).  Their daughter and my son are in the same class.  We have the cutest pictures of them tearing it up bowling together.  (I missed the event because Chickadee was sick)  They have even invited us over to a dinner party at their house the week after the dad met hubby at work (no sitter so we couldn’t go).  Super nice people.  We said hello, chatted a second about what good bowlers the kids were.  They are T and L.  Did I bother to mention my name is A?  Noooo!  If I don’t feel the biggest idiot today.  Geesh!  These are people we’d like to be friends with and I can’t remember to introduce myself.  I think there is a little crush going on between little G and my Boo.  (Too cute for words!)  
I think I’ll go bury myself under the covers now.  The day can only get better from here right??

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