Blog Makeover

I admit I am restless when it comes to my blog.  I like to change the colors, backgrounds and essentials around a lot.  Since I don’t really have furniture to move around (as I would have in the past) I move around my blog designs.  The current one is from Pyzam.  I have been doing a lot of reading lately and the books have all seemed to take place in different countries.  First was Germany, then Bhutan, then Vietnam (If You Lived Here), then Tokyo (Moon Over Tokyo), and now Australia (The Alphabet Sisters).  So I am really developing this desire to travel to some of these places (mostly Tokyo).  One interesting thing I learned about Japan is they drive on the left side of the road like the UK.  I didn’t know that and found that pretty interesting.  Tokyo is what inspired me to make some blog changes trying to incorporate some of the Cherry Trees of Japan (Sakura).  The only problem is that I would love to incorporate some of my own pictures (but I haven’t been to Japan, yet) and the pictures I post in the posts seem duller and not as bright now but I don’t know how to fix that without messing up the template.

I do hope that someday we will go to Japan and Australia and Singapore.  I’d like to start planning a big trip instead of doing little trips.  Just one really big nice vacation in the next two years.  The biggest problem for Hubby is all these places are costly airfare for four and insanely long plane rides.  I can see his point but it’d still be pretty awesome to go to Japan don’t you think?  Until then I continue to dream of Sakura.

3 thoughts on “Blog Makeover

  1. I saw your comment on my friend’s blog and wanted to check out yours. I’m a Canadian living in Japan and there are days when that isn’t such an easy thing to be. However, reading this post made me appreciate where I live (and we’ve just finished our sakura season- in fact last year I got married under the cherry trees in a Japanese temple dressed in kimono- it was the most amazing day!) Anyways, just thought I’d say hi. (You know you should consider doing a houseswap with a foreign wife here sometime- I know someone here who did that with someone in New York- that at least cuts down your hotel bills). I hope you get to Japan someday. Make sure you go outside of Tokyo too though! (It’s exciting, but not really beautiful).


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