A Sad Kind of Night Around the Internet

I have been sitting here for the past while contemplating.  My kids, if not asleep are at least up in bed, my husband is away for work and I have the evening before me to do whatever I like.  I click on my Bloglines to read all my internet blogs and I start to have a hard time understanding the world.  It’s a weird time of year, a sad one.  I have several blog friends waiting for the phone call that changes a life (one call very overdue), one who got that call and all the panic that goes along with it.  I have a blog friend suffering a terrible loss and several others waiting with happiness.  It is also almost a year ago that a wonderful lady died.  This particular friend I met on a moms message board.  I got to know her over about two years and spent one weekend last February getting into hijinks and laughter with her and many others at a retreat we attended.  It is really hard to believe in a few short weeks a year will have passed since she suddenly and without warning died.  She left behind family, children, a husband and so many friends that it would be impossible to count them all.  Even though our actual ‘face time’ was brief I don’t think I could forget her, she was definitely one of a kind.

So much sadness across the internet tonight.  And even though a lot of you I have never met, I take your happiness and joys, and sadness and sorrows very much to heart.  I think of you when you have a bad day or a happy one.  I just want you to know, there is someone out there and I am listening.

One thought on “A Sad Kind of Night Around the Internet

  1. I’m a little behind on my reading and this post caught my eye. Wow, so well put… life is filled with so much sadness and laughter. It’s hard to understand… but it’s nice to have other moms on the adoption journey who “get it” – thanks for a post that makes us think and appreciate each day.-J


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