Tonight we are watching House.  Not on dvd; on TV!  Yep, we’ve had SKY for a about a week now and I think we are in love.  As I type, MASH is on in the background.  Ah MASH, I love that show.  We’ve discovered the original Batman tv show, Simpsons, Friends, Fraser, Two and Half Men and of course all the Playhouse Disney the kids can handle.  I still haven’t found that Ni Ho or whatever it is called that everyone talks about (on Nickelodeon right?).  But our feed is from London so maybe it isn’t on there.  It’s funny because when we watch Blue’s Clues it isn’t Steve or Joe it’s some guy named Kevin.  And the mailbox song is the post song.  It’s really different and Chickadee doesn’t take to it at all (I am actually thankful because I don’t like it either).  Thank goodness they haven’t messed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Little Einstein’s is with a British accent but that’s ok because we have one LE dvd from the UK so we are used to it.  Hopefully we won’t watch too much tv but Top Gear was on last night and House tonight (current season even!) so… I can’t wait until the couch comes on Monday and we will have something comfy to sit on and watch tv 🙂

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