My family are RATS!

OK, so this weekend my family is taking me to one of my favorite places, Keukenhof and even better we are staying at a hotel right on the beach.  This is my moms day gift.  BUT!

The two turkeys, hubby and Boo, went shopping this evening and came back with this (mom’s day and bday gift)
Ok Blogger won’t upload the picture but they bought me the Nikon D40 Camera I wanted really really badly!  NikonD40
I can’t believe they bought me the camera I was saving up for!  Totally unexpected and wonderful!  I can’t wait to figure out how to use it.  It’s going to be great for the weekend at the tulip park.  Expect lots of pictures coming soon 🙂

4 thoughts on “My family are RATS!

  1. Enjoy your new camera. I recently got a new camera as well, and now I can’t leave home without it. I’ve been taking pictures of everything. It’s awesome.


  2. Hi. I love the new background of your blog- reminds me of my honeymoon 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day! Great that you got exactly what you wanted! Looking forward to seeing your photos too. By the way, I left a comment under your tv post (just so you don’t miss it) and I love your new couch (colour and design!)


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