Why do people want everything?

As I mentioned in my last post, I am selling a stroller and have someone potentially interested in buying it.  I have been going back and forth with emails with this lady since Wednesday and sent her about 15 different pictures of it in every possible combination.  Now she asks to see it.  OK, I can understand wanting to see it since she’s potentially spending 475€ on it.  She lives in Köln though, that’s 40 mins from here.  It’s the weekend.  We have furniture to build today, groceries to buy, a house to clean and for only the second time in the 9 months my daughter has been home, we have a sitter tonight so we can actually go out to dinner with other grown-ups.  I, quite graciously I think, offered to meet her on Wednesday at Ikea since I have to pick up a birthday cake for Chick at a store next to the Ikea (which is in Köln, 40 mins away).  She said maybe but they don’t have a car… ‘let’s stay in touch about that idea’  Excuse me?  Commit or not lady!  I need to get rid of this stroller!  I don’t have time to wait around or go to you simply because you can’t make up your mind or you don’t have a car.  I offered to meet her, driving quite far with a kidlet in tow who HATES the car, on my daughter’s 2nd birthday just so she could ‘see’ the stroller.  Not even so she could buy it, just to see it.  What is wrong with people that they expect you do all the work when they are the ones buying something?  I’m sorry she doesn’t have a car and so maybe it’s not as easy to get around.  But that’s not my problem.

My philosophy – You want it.  You come get it.  Simple as that!

4 thoughts on “Why do people want everything?

  1. Hi there! I have some off topic questions for you. I’m assuming your husband is German? How did you meet? How do you like living in Germany? How good is your German? Thanks! 🙂


  2. Hi Christelle! You saved me, I was just about to finally do the dishes :)We are both American. dh is from NJ and I’m from WA. My husband’s job moved us here in 06 and we’ve agreed to stay through 2010. Germany is ok, definitely not planning to renew our contract here again though. It’s a bit different here for lack of better words. I speak very much kleine Duetsche 🙂 Which is to say very little German. I get by ok. I can order a coffee at Starbucks, order dinner in a restaurant, and generally fake my way through everything else 🙂 Since our son goes to an english speaking school the majority of people we deal with are english speakers. Dh’s corporate language is english as well so the office is mostly American and British.


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