We reap what we sow

If it is true we reap what we sow then I apologize to my parents.  My Boo has come out with the attitude of a teen some days.  Personally, a lot of this is because of some very ‘questionable’ children he plays with at school (my repeated times telling him they are not being his friend doesn’t help.  He digs in his heels and continues to play with them.)  Over the weekend I met one of these kids coming straight out my Boo’s mouth.  I told him sincerely that that boy was not allowed in my house and I would like my Boo back please.  My Boo who is kind and sweet.

There is such a difference in him when this one particular child is not in school.  One week not long ago this child was on vacation for a week.  What a difference!  Boo was nicer, kinder and the back talk attitude was virtually nil.  He even commented how nice it was without this other child.  Last week was holiday from school and by all accounts he was a much more pleasant person to be around.   It’s back to school today so I figure he will be a bit moody (shame cause I have to drag him to the store which he hates because Chick is napping and I haven’t gotten time to go yet).  I was actually sad to see him off this morning.
5 more weeks.  That’s it.  5 more weeks until we leave this school (and this other child) behind.  I think life next year in his new school is going to be so much better for everyone.

One thought on “We reap what we sow

  1. I soooo know what you mean! Our oldest was in a homeschool academy at our church the first two years (1/2 the week at home, 1/2 at school). This year, he entered public school since we moved to a really nice district. BUT, Wow!, have we seen a difference! Back to homeschool for us! It may not be what we do forever, but until he can start influencing others, rather than be poorly influenced, I’ll be happy to continue instilling character at home. That and the academics can’t be beat with a low student-teacher ratio 😉 !


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