A Fabulous Saturday Night

For the first time we had a sitter for both kids on Saturday night.  We went out with two of Hubby’s colleagues.  And we had fun.  We went to this great restaurant in the city called Roses.  Italian food, oh yum!  I had tagliatelle with a white truffle cream sauce (it was to die for), we all had a mixture of crostini appetizers and three bottles of a fantastic red wine.  It was so nice to just relax and have adult-ish conversations.  After dinner it was only 9 so we went to this fantastic wine bar just over on the other side of the square.  And that was wonderful as well.  Another bottle of red, dryer this time but really good.  They even serve you bread and curls of yummy creamy cheese to compliment your wine.  Delicious!  We headed home after realizing it was 11 (and we told the sitter we’d be home about 10, oops!).  It was slightly weird being the only female in the group and the other two are both single men but it was fun.  I got to hear some rare male point of view (made even funnier by a drop of alcohol).  

We have already mentioned this wine bar to the friends we went to the Rhein festival with and they are definitely game for it.  
Now, where did I leave the sitter’s number 😉

2 thoughts on “A Fabulous Saturday Night

  1. Oh, I love wine and cheese!!!! I drank wine almost everyday while I was in France a couple of years ago). Can’t wait to be able to drink it again! (And eat soft cheeses too!)


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