A Flower Girl in the Family!

My cousin is getting married in August (as previously mentioned) and now she’s asked Chickadee to be the flower girl alongside my youngest nephew who will be ring bearer.  Oh how cute is that going to be!  I can’t wait to head to the dress shop to start searching for a dress.  I certainly hope she will be up to performing her duties when the big day comes.  My nephew is excellent with small children and she loved him last year when they met so hopefully his guiding her will do the trick.  I love the one below.  The brides colors are purple and green so I thought a sash in the color would tie in nicely.  This is from a US online store but that’s the look I think we are after, no?  

The wedding will be great as I haven’t seen my entire extended family in awhile since my cousins are spread out a bit.  It should be a great time.  It’s also a wonderful excuse to get some sun and more exercise before we go (to see how Chick and I plan to get this exercise see here).  Along with picking out a cute little something for Chickadee to wear I plan to get myself a nice grown-up dress as well 😉

3 thoughts on “A Flower Girl in the Family!

  1. Oh she is going to be the sweetest thing! Her and Tyler are sure to be a hit with him in his tux and her in a princess dress!


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