I just stumbled across Days of Our Lives on Sky Tv!  Channel 149 Zone Romatica.  I can’t believe it!  I don’t (or didn’t) watch any of the shows that they broadcast (Guiding Light, Young and the Restless – well I used to watch YR when I was younger).  I am just so excited that they have these here I think I will have to become a watcher.  And they are up to date episodes pretty much so far as I can tell.  The clothes look right and all that.  Plus one girl who used to be on GH is on Days (and she had left GH before we moved) so it must be current.  I am so excited.  Granted YR (probably the only one I could stand to watch since I know the characters somewhat) it does come on at 4 local German time but that’s the great thing about having a digital recorder 🙂

Now if they just had All My Children or One Life To Live or General Hospital – I’d likely never get off the couch 🙂
* OK so it’s not current after research a bit I discovered this is from 2004 or early as Kristin Storms (Maxie on GH or Belle on Days) left Days in 04.  But hey, It’s SOAPS!!!

3 thoughts on “SOAPS!

  1. Tisra – we have SKY tv which is satellite service from the UK. We went two years with only German basic tv and now to only hear english – it’s SO nice (plus I can watch HOUSE and we have Disney for the kids).


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