Dress Found – SCRATCH THAT

Turns out I boo-boo’d.  The dress is ivory, it barely looks ivory.  The ringbearer is wearing white (I have never seen or been to a wedding where the ringbearer wore white, usually it’s the same as the groomsmen’s tuxes) so I have to return the dress (thank goodness for a liberal return policy of 180 days!) and start over.  Anyone know a place that sizes like Gymboree???

I found a flower girl dress.  Not locally though (no luck at all!)  Oddly enough I had forgotten that Gymboree has special occasion dresses.  Funny since the majority of the clothes I buy for Chickadee are from there.  And since I won’t see the dress until we arrive end of July, the size won’t be an issue, I know her Gymboree size by heart.  Now just to find shoes…

4 thoughts on “Dress Found – SCRATCH THAT

  1. Hey Andrea,I looked on line and Nordstrom’s has a couple white specialty dresses. Not sure about the sizing.Hope you are all doing well, did you ever figure out where you were going to go after your you belong ran out? I would love to be able to keep up on Chikadee and the rest of her family.Hope you find a dress soon.Janalee


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