Upcoming Challenge

I received a challenge from my sister the other day.  A fun one.  Through a scrapbookers site she reads they had a photography challenge.  Since she got the same camera as I did recently (Nikon D40) we’ve decided to each put the challenge results on our respective blogs (hers is private though sorry!)  I’d like to invite all of you to work on the same challenge with us.

Here is what you need to do.  Below I will list five words and your job is to take a picture of what each word represents to you.  Then just post the results on your blog.  Please leave a comment if you are going to do the challenge so I can see what you came up with!  I will post my pictures the week of June 23rd.  Please pass this on to those you think might be interested, it would be neat to see how many interpretations of the words we can get!
Photo Words Challenge for June:
  1. Ahhh
  2. Accessory
  3. Did you see THAT?
  4. Priorities
  5. Historic

 So happy snapping everyone.

I will also be posting a review for my June book pick as well in the coming days, The House at Riverton by Kate Morton .

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Challenge

  1. Oh thats a great challenge! I will try to come up with pics for that but with my crazy work schedule I make no promises! LOL! If I manage to obtain 1 free day (out of this 7 day week) count me in!


  2. I’d love to take part in the challenge, but I may be a little busy (if the baby ever decides to come out) and then probably all my photos would have to do with the baby- baby as accessory, relief of baby finally being out (ahh), the historic event of his birth and my ultimate new priority. I’m a one track mind right now.


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