My First Bits Post

I am going to follow the long line of bloggers who do Bits posts.  There are some things to blog about but I don’t want to make three different posts in one day.  So it will all be combined for today.

Bit #1

We have been talking about getting a bike trailer for the kids so we can all go biking together this summer.  We followed a few on ebay and looked at some in a few bike shops.  We really liked the Chariot Corsaire XL but we just weren’t sure about committing to the price.

Well, Hubby, always full of surprises, came home last night with a little something in the back of the car.  A Corsaire trailer.  He took the kiddies for a test drive last night and the both loved it. 

 Chickadee got a little Ladybug helmet  and yes Boo normally would be wearing his helmet but with bike week at school it was temporarily misplaced (it was found late last night though).  So no worries all’s safe.  The boys have actually just biked down to the square to get haircuts with Boo in the trailer so we shall see if Hubby makes it back up the long slowly ascending hill home.  🙂

Bit #2

Reading with Blogging Mama : The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

This is a great book.  One I started reading last August right before we picked up Chickadee.  I bought it at Hearthrow in July when we were on vacation.  It did take me about a month or so to read since I was a bit busy but it is a very compelling book, a love story of sorts.  It is told in flashbacks of the past and then to the present, all through the eyes of Grace as she is remembering the events and recording the truth for her grandson.  I really enjoyed this book because it gave me a sense of what goes on behind closed doors of a grand home and how those people who observe it from the inside but are still apart from the events observe things.  The loyalty and love and dedication come through loud and clear in this great novel.  I am starting another book by Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden and it promises to be just as good and is told in a similar flashback fashion.

Here is the book synopsis from Barnes and Noble:

Grace Bradley went to work at Riverton House as a servant when she was just a girl, before the First World War. For years her life was inextricably tied up with the Hartford family, most particularly the two daughters, Hannah and Emmeline.

In the summer of 1924, at a glittering society party held at the house, a young poet shot himself. The only witnesses were Hannah and Emmeline and only they-and Grace-know the truth.

In 1999, when Grace is ninety-eight years old and living out her last days in a nursing home, she is visited by a young director who is making a film about the events of that summer. She takes Grace back to Riverton House and reawakens her memories. Told in flashback, this is the story of Grace’s youth during the last days of Edwardian aristocratic privilege shattered by war, of the vibrant twenties, and the changes she witnessed as an entire way of life vanished forever.

The novel is full of secrets-some revealed, others hidden forever, reminiscent of the romantic suspense of Daphne Du Maurier. It is also a meditation on memory, the devastation of war, and a beautifully rendered window into a fascinating time in history.

Originally published to critical acclaim in Australia, already sold in ten countries and a #1 bestseller in England, The House at Riverton is a vivid, page-turning novel of suspense and passion, with characters-and an ending-the reader won’t soon forget.

3 thoughts on “My First Bits Post

  1. I wonder if my pup Charlie would stay put in a Corsaire trailer? He’s certainly too big to put in my basket, and if I dared leave the house without him I would shudder to think what damage might await me!


  2. Hi Diane – they do make dog trailers. I searched at and found a few. Try this site and search ‘Fahrradanhänger Doggy Travel De Luxe’ 🙂 Charlie would be happy.


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