Are you sure it’s not Monday?

Because it sure feels like a Monday to me.  But nope, the calendar says Wednesday.  This story actually starts yesterday (Sunday or Tuesday, can’t say for sure) about 7 pm.  It’s right after dinner, little proscuito filled tortellinis, and the boys are going to go for a bike ride while I put Chick to bed.  Ah, bliss for a whole hour (if you discount Chick’s howls of protest from her crib) when suddenly there is a knocking on the kitchen window.  The boys were back and it wasn’t pretty.

It seems that two bowls of pasta, a glass of milk and a few squares of chocolate before biking was not a good idea.  Little Boo was happily showing daddy the contents of his stomach on the driveway.  At least he did wait until he got out of the car to do this.  I took him inside and cleaned him and sent him off to bed.  He seemed rather chipper so I figured it was just from the exercise.  I checked on him about ten minutes later and he was sound asleep.
He would stay asleep but all would not be fine.  As we climbed the stairs to bed about 11 we did our usual routine checks of the kids.  As soon as Boo’s door was opened we smelled it.  The poor thing had thrown-up in his sleep (everywhere, eww) and was currently sleeping in it.  The eww factor is pretty off the charts at this point.  I managed to get his shirt off while Hubby went to clear out the tub of toys (did I mention vomit and Hubby don’t go really well together?).  I carried him to the tub where Hubby cleaned him up and I moved on to the more fun task of bed clean up.
Boo was ‘up’ two more times (not fully awake though) but didn’t bring much up since he didn’t have anything left in his stomach.  Obviously he has stayed home from school today where he hasn’t gotten sick (thank goodness).  But there are two bored children, a few baskets of laundry and a kitchen mess that is so bad I refuse to even acknowledge we have a kitchen at this point.
We’ve got 4 and 5 hours left until the kids bed times and I just hope I make it!

6 thoughts on “Are you sure it’s not Monday?

  1. Oh that is the worst! I have 2 kids and a dog who vomit all the time… thankfully my hubby helps out with it. He’s less grossed out than I am. Not fun… Not fun at all!


  2. Oh hon.. I am so sorry to hear that he is sick! That stinks! Especially the night throw ups while you sleep. That is horrible on the little guy! I hope he gets better real soon!!!


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