The Boo Illness Update

Thanks to everyone who inquired after the little guy.  I think I know what was behind the throwing up.  Yesterday he was fine all day, didn’t get sick at all.  At dinner though he had a glass of milk, and no one else did (nor did anyone have milk the day before but Boo.  I am lactose intolerant, Hubby wasn’t home and Chick won’t drink milk.)  But about the same amount of time later, 1 hour and 30 minutes same as before, he threw up all over the floor.  I am certain of the time because I was just on my way upstairs to put Chick to bed.  So the milk is the only common factor here.  It was dated for June 30 but I ditched it anyway.  He only got sick the once.  We both slept on the couch last night (good thing it’s a big couch!) and he managed to sleep all night.  Me, not so much (and Chick was up too, why do they both choose the same day to be out of sorts??) but I’m halfway through a cup of coffee and will be having at least one more so I think we will manage.  

Another day at home for us though.  I’ll be breaking out the crafts or the duck tape, hard to say which.

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