Coming this week

It’s only 8 more days until schools out here so I have been searching for things to keep me and the little chillys busy.  I’ve come across Unplug Your Kids  thanks to benandbethany .  The site promotes an unplugged activity every week with a theme.  It’s a way to get away from the tv and have some creative fun with your kids.  Last weeks theme was plastic and there were some great projects that came from it.  Head over to Unplug Your Kids to see what they were.

I also came across another post on a blog I read regularly who is doing a Fun Friday (thanks Janalee!)  It is a day to give her kids a day off from the usual chores and such and give them something to look forward to each week.  Another idea I will have to copy I think.
Tonight or tomorrow I will be posting my Photo Challenge results (still looking for a photo or two).  Please see this post for details and I hope you’ll decide to join in!
It’s a social week in the house.  We’ve recently discovered how wonderful a thing a babysitter is!  We’ve been out twice in the last month and had a good time while the kids have had fun playing with a sitter (well, Boo anyway, I put Chick to bed before we go).  We are supposed to have dinner at a friends on Friday but we have now contacted babysitter number four (out of desperation!) because the first three were busy.  I am hoping she will be available because this friend lives in an old embassy house and I am dying to see what the inside looks like after hearing so much about it.  
Saturday we have a BBQ at other friends house (with kids) and Boo has a great time with this little girl whose house we are going to to.  There’s also a possibility another school friend will be there too (along with other kids) so it should be a lot of fun.  Let’s hope the weather holds.
We had planned to go to the trodelmarkt down at the river today.  I saw signs it was still there today and I hope it is.  After our last flea market find in Bad Honnef (a limited edition stamp and blown up drawing of the Brandenburg Gate, even signed and numbered) for 6€ it would be great to find something else to go along with it for the entry hall.  These are the type of things I like about trodelmarkt days, old finds and rare things.

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