I need a dessert…

We are attending a bbq this Saturday and I have been recruited to bring a dessert. There are loads of things I would make if we lived in the US where I knew I could get certain ingredients. But here I am more at a loss. So I want all of you give me your dessert ideas. Hubby wants me to make that most delicious dessert, dirt with worms. But I can’t remember the recipe. It is quite yummy though. I need to know what the German equivalent of Cool Whip is if such a thing exists!
Please comment if you have any ideas!

5 thoughts on “I need a dessert…

  1. I can’t answer any questions about ingredients in German… and sadly, my cook books are all on their way to India right now.BUT, if you can get the recipe to Nigella Lawson’s molten chocolate lava cakes – they are divine! You could probably google it. SUPER easy… and delicious.Another option – chocolate mousse – made in martini glasses with fruit on the side and a dollop of whipped cream.


  2. If you needed some really great and different MAIN DISHES I would love to help.. but honey.. I am not brilliant at desserts..lol. Sorry.. but I hope you find the perfect one for your BBQ!….


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