A busy few days

It’s been a busy few days around here. We had family night at Hubby’s work to show off their new offices. The highlight for all was meeting the Boss and the scrumptious chocolate chocolate cookies. Mmmmm! Friday we left the kids with a sitter (that is very addictive πŸ˜‰ and went to dinner at a co-worker/friends house. And let me say, for a guy, he can cook. And not just cook, but really cook. Mushroom truffle risotto? No joke. It was wonderful. I’m going to have to get Hubby to shake him down for the recipe.
Yesterday was the BBQ at friends and I did bring Dirt but since I was unable to find the ingredients I would normally have used I just made four packages of pudding and and put crushed oreos on top of that (the only gummy worms I could find were vitamin kind, yucky, so I didn’t put anything else on it). It was a very big hit I must say. And since there was another American there she completely recognized the dessert! It was nice to see such a simple thing go over so well. And the food we had, goodness! S made so much bbq’d food I seriously thought he was trying to kill us all. It started with chicken wings, then bratwurst, kebobs, the most wonderful hamburger like things (wasn’t ground beef and it also had cheese and herbs in the pattie Oh My God yummy), lamb chops and I pretty much stopped counting after that. There were also lots of salads and then tons of desserts too. T & L went above and beyond in the BBQ scale and I certainly hope we’ll be around for dinner again πŸ™‚ T did say we should stop over today to help eat it all up. Now that I think about it he may not have been joking…
The kids played on the trampoline most of the time (which was in the finishing stages of being assembled when we arrived so Hubby was recruited to help out) and other than that the yard was a virtual toy heaven for all the kids. I think there may have been just about as many kids as adults. The weather did rain a few drops but nothing that held out for long against us. It was sunny and beautiful. It was very funny because it was all XYZ company employees, most from the same group. But we had a lot of countries represented. Iceland, England, Ireland, Turkey, India, Singapore, America. You have to love an international BBQ! I didn’t bring my camera but I did get one photo on the cell phone but I am saving it for this months Photo Word Challenge (you can find the words in the sidebar if you would like to participate.)
Three more days of school and then summer awaits!

4 thoughts on “A busy few days

  1. That sounds awesome! I love internationally diverse groups like that. It’s so interesting and odd and enjoyable. Very fun! And, yes, I remember that dessert and now I want a bite! πŸ™‚


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