Slow on the blogging this week

It’s been four days since I blogged.  And even longer since I blogged on my kids site.  Summer.  That’s my excuse.  And it’s been quite a mix of rain and sun so far.  I am hoping for more sun, as it is currently sunny right now, but lose the temperatures of 70-80.  I am wilting with no air conditioning.  I admit it fully.  I am a spoiled American air conditioning snob. 

In cleaning out the yard last weekend Hubby cleared out this weird ivy that grows like crazy everywhere around this little hillside down to our yard from the playroom patio.  On Thursday the kids and I played outside and while the majority of the ivy scraps had been cleared I guess there was still enough left up by the fence.  Because now Chickadee is covered in big red bumps.  

Itchy bumps.  As in she can’t sleep all night so I can’t sleep all night itchy bumps.  It’s not poison ivy (we went to the doctor yesterday) just reaction to the grass and ivy.  Chick had fallen down twice up in that area right into all the ivy scraps.  One part of her foot (she had shoes on so I am puzzled how it happened) has red marks covering about the size of three quarters on her foot.  Itchy Itchy Baby.
Only ten days till the kids and I head off for vacation!  Wahoo!  I am likely nuts to travel from here to Idaho with the two of them alone (Hubby will join up five days later) but the tickets are bought and it’s really too late to change my mind again.  Send me your good luck travel vibes I am going to need it.
We’ve decided to go into the ‘city’ today.  I love how we call it the city and this is the country.  I have no idea what we are going to the city for (except I do want new dishtowels) but it’s a day out.  I really hope Chick will let me put her in the Beco carrier because when she’s in there she can’t itch herself and that’s a really good thing.
I still owe a book recommendation to Simple Answer that won’t be so depressing.  I’ve been through my books and I guess I just read depressing stuff.  I can’t find the fluff (that I am willing to admit to reading anyway!)  I suppose the only ones I can think of are the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella.  Confessions of a Shopoholic is the first.  It’s a fun read though not depressing (unless you count the state of her bills!)  The Cubicle Next Door by Siri L. Mitchell is a pretty fun lighthearted book (it is labeled as a Christian book).  For those who want to be depressed they can read the memoir called Where is the Mango Princess? by Cathy Crimmins (also available in paperback).  It is the true story of how her family changes forever after her husband suffers a traumatic brain injury in a boating accident.  And how they fight their way back to a new normal.  It is set in Philadelphia which is what initially drew me to the book (I used to live there and it was featured as a local author book at the store).  It is good.  It is sad.  It makes you appreciate every day you have.  Read it. 

9 thoughts on “Slow on the blogging this week

  1. LOL! I will be ready for a serious read as soon as we’ve landed in Amman and I’m not panicking about moving the fam half way round the world! I usually like a good, depressing read. 🙂 Thanks for the shopoholics recommendation – I’ve read the first one. They are good by the pool. Hope you enjoy your travels. Hugs to chick. What a bummer.


  2. Sending good thoughts for your trip home…sounds like we are leaving the same time. Gonna have to get all of your Delaware info… I think my highschool was considered in Newark not wilmington… anyways…spent a lot of time there… Good luck with the itching & the trip!


  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by and being amongst the first commentors on my blog…I love reading about Americans overseas…I will be back. I can’t believe you lived in DelaNowhere for awhile; I am a rarified DelaWhere? native. We plan a trip back most summers to see grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and visit Dutch Wonderland – my sister and I are forcing our childhood places on my kids.


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