We’re back

And boy does jetlag want to hang around.  I finally got the kids up at 10:30 (after chick was up from 2 until maybe 5?  I am not sure as I plopped her in the pack n play with snacks in front of a few movies and went back to sleep on the couch.  All was quiet when I got up at 5:45.)  So once I get three people bathed and dressed and go out to buy essentials like food, I will have a fun photo post of our vacation.  The Twelve Days of Vacation 🙂

Sun: check
Swimming: check
One flowergirl down the aisle: check
570 days till we get back the good ole USA permanently: check

5 thoughts on “We’re back

  1. First you hold my Chocolate hostage and then when I make the demands you forget to give it to me! lol Glad you made it back ok and hope the jet lag wears off soon for you!


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