The 12 Days of Vacation

Here is the slideshow of some of the pictures.

Day one brought us a black eye for Chick (she fell trying to get off a chair)

Day two was sitting in the hotub for Boo, a favorite activity
Day three Chick woke up feeling ‘good’
Day four was tutu time
Day five we had some fun at the lake (which ended with a fever)
Day six was craft day
Day seven was snack time with Grandma
Day eight we went to an amusement park with cousins and Aunt V
Day nine was flowergirl time
Day ten through twelve was chalk time and buying up all the mac n cheese and fruit snacks to be found
We had a fantastic vacation and thank Grandma and Grandpa big time for letting us invade their house and make a mess.  We know they enjoyed it 🙂

5 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Vacation

  1. These pictures are fantastic!!Poor little chick and her black eye :(! Love the waking up picture…good for a chuckle every morning!!Boo looked like he liked all the fun stuff to do in the States…You better watch out when you come back for good, he’s going to expect constant entertainment and fun!!


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