Can I just say how lovely it was to return from vacation and find out someone had lifted my atm card number?  And how they went on a shopping spree that now currently tops about a $1000 worth of goodies?  Wahoo!  What a nice pleasant little surprise, right?

My MIL got a call from a company asking about my recent order for a $500 gift certificate.  Which of course I told them I had no idea what they were talking about.  It seems this person has a thing for computers, shoes (to the tune of $400!) and various other fun little things.
What I can’t figure is how they got the number.  I rarely use my card.  Only a handful of times in the two weeks we were on vacation.  
But I sure would like to thank the Thief for ruining an hour of my time last night tracking down purchases, dealing with the bank and leaving me to wonder just what else is waiting around the corner.

7 thoughts on “Theft

  1. UGH! I’m coming to Germany to help track him down and show him who’s boss. But seriously, sorry for the annoying way to end a vacation!


  2. They can get your number by double swiping your ATM card if you use it for a purchase (in Canada). There were problems at an electronic store with this (all the techi guys figure things like this out) a few years ago in my hometown. So it’s better to always swipe the card yourself if doing a purchase and call your bank to report any suspicious activity (like people distracting you while you pay for something). Another thing I heard is where people put up a mirror at an ATM machine and get your number. Who knows though. That sucks. Hope the bank is going to cover your losses!


  3. OMG – I can’t believe that happened to you! So glad you were able to figure it out quickly… what a way to spend your time. I hope you got your money back… better yet, I hope they catch the suckers. Nothing is ever easy, is it?


  4. This happened to me years ago when my purse was stolen in Paris. The thief was clearly a high living gourmet, as all the fraudulent bills were for expensive restaurants and fine wines.Luckily, having informed the credit card company I wasn’t actually responsible for the expenses… (this was in the days before magnetic stripes and pin codes) – but I did have to screen the receipts and tell them which were mine and which weren’t.I was kind of jealous actually. I’d have loved a week in Paris eating in all those places, drinking those wines and having that much fun….Somehow, sneakily …part of me hopes the thief got away with it. Explain that to me….


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