Thanks Sis!

I want to say thanks to my sister for pointing me to LeeLouBlogs which is where I got this new design from.  It’s all free stuff (my favorite kind!) so easy to just cut and paste in the code in the template.  So of course this means I will be changing a lot (and trying not to duplicate what is on my sister’s page 🙂

Please let me know if the font is super small.  With this gigantic 24in monitor it looks tiny but may be normal to all of you (or not).

4 thoughts on “Thanks Sis!

  1. Love the new look! The font is fine on my tiny 17 inch monitor. Sorry about the thief, been there done that and pre Maya we had some jerks break into our hime and take to the tune of 18,000 dollars worth (and that does not include the car!)we were at my aunt’s funeral- NICE!Hope everything works out,Janalee


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