Random Facts of the Day

  • School starts on Wednesday.  I will officially be the mom of a first grader (wah!)
  • My baby is sleeping in a toddler bed (yahoo!)
  • I have a dinner party to plan and execute by next Friday
  • I need to buy cake mix, frosting and some sheets for the toddler bed
  • We need to go to the grocery
  • My car is filthy and really needs to be washed (hint, hint hubby)
  • It is 10:30 and we are still in pj’s (I blame the little one b/c she is sleeping and since her room is next to the bathroom I can’t shower without fear of waking her up, she’s the lightest sleeper on earth)
  • It’s a beautiful blue sky, wispy clouds day.  How long will it last?>
  • 3 thoughts on “Random Facts of the Day

    1. Sounds like you’ve got a day/week cut out for you!!!Everytime you mention the baby, I see that picture of her barely awake in the highchair with her hair going every which way…makes me smile each time 🙂


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