A few more bloggers

It seems that since I participated in Candid Carrie’s photo post I’ve picked up a few more fellow bloggers, which is always cool 🙂  But now the pressure is on to come up with something interesting to say!  

We had a nice day yesterday.  We went over to the Ahr Valley and bought some wine from our favorite little winery, Max Schnel, for the dinner party on Friday.  Then we met up with our friends (who will be coming to dinner on Friday) at my very first German BierGarten on the Rhine.  The weather was beautiful, about 70 degrees, and the kids were entertained.  Boo watched the boats on the river and the trains passing on the nearby bridge.  Chick went back and forth around the table since she had an audience.  We were able to stay about two ours since the kids were being so good.  The pizza’s we ordered (about 7 of them I think for five
 adults and two kids – but they are plate size not like big American pizzas) were wonderful.  I ordered white wine (which was served in a juice glass, so it was quite a bit more than I was expecting) and everyone else did the beer thing (not the kiddies of course!).  We ended up getting another round of drinks and let me say I have no idea what was in that wine but geez!  Normally I do fine with white wine a glass or two with dinner is no problem, but last night I was a bit giddy on the way home.  I laid down on the couch after putting Chick to bed at 7 and then promptly fell asleep till Hubby woke me at ten to go to bed.  Apparently Boo even kissed me goodnight and I missed it!  I have never had that happen before on two glasses of wine.  And it won’t be happening again in the presence of my kiddies either!  I think I’ll be partaking in some lovely Sprudel water this Friday and let the others have the wine we bought.
We have the menu for the dinner.  I’ve decided to make Penne with a Vodka Tomato sauce (recipe courtesy of Aunt Sue) which is so yummy!  We will have salad and tomatoes and mozzarella with balsamic if I can find some decent produce.  Let me just say between Hubby and myself we’ve been to four different places trying to find an onion so I can make ratatouille, and every place has had them crawling with flies.  Yuck.  Grocery shopping here really is horrible!
For the dessert we are having white cake and I am pretty sure we are going to do a Rolie Polie Olie theme since my kids (and ok me too!) are totally hooked on this fantastic show.  I made a Zowie Polie out of marzipan and she came out pretty good.  

 I think we will have either a white or red frosted round cake and then large marzipan dots of different colors with Zowie on the top.  The design could change depending on how things turn out.  That’s why I bought a second box of cake mix and additional frosting on Saturday.

5 thoughts on “A few more bloggers

  1. Two glasses of wine and I’m SO toasty… :)Your menu for Friday looks great. I can completely relate to the produce issue. It’s definitely not my favorite thing to shop for… well… nothing here really is!


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