Will they ever love each other??

This is often the question I ask myself at some point during the long days around here.  I am of course talking about my children.  At 2 and 6 1/2 they just seem to irritate each other beyond belief (usually the little one irritates the big one and then the big one does something to the little one… and on and on).  I remember my sister and I really did not get on very well as kids (we get on perfectly fine now) but I completely thought that was just a girl thing.  They are getting on splendid at the moment (excuse me while I go put someone in timeout).  

It seems that it can also be a girl/boy thing.  I recently purchased a book on sibling rivalry Siblings Without Rivalry that was recommended by another blogger (Was it over at Me and My Haus?  I can not find the post now, but thank you to whoever did).  I am only into the first chapter or two and maybe it won’t apply now since Chick is so little and isn’t speaking still but anything has got to be better than me constantly playing referee!  It’s times like this that I agree with Hubby – no more kids.

Thankfully school starts tomorrow.  So from the hours of 8:30-15:20 we will have blessed peace (from siblings anyway).  Now, it is not all Boo’s fault, Chick can give as good as she gets, trust me, but since she is the littler one Boo often is the one who gets into trouble.  I do implement Toddler Time-Out and it does work to a degree.  I dream of the day they actually like each other.  Maybe like is too hard for now.  For now, I would just settle with them ignoring each other!

6 thoughts on “Will they ever love each other??

  1. Mine fight like cats and dogs too… I just long for the day when they put their arms around each other and call a truce. I’ll probably be waiting another 10 – 15 years…


  2. My girls are horrible to each other so I feel your pain…I think it’s a natural sibling thing. I have friends who have kids anywhere from 1 year to 10 years apart and all of them fight…Good Luck! Hopefully you’ll get some reprieve when school starts!!


  3. Ooh I know what you mean! (we weren’t really that bad were we?) Sometimes I think monsters get along better than my kids do. Let me know how the book turns out, might have to dig up a copy myself.


  4. I hear you sister! I am having a tough go with the same stuff over my way! I usually want to pull my hair out by day’s end, and I almost contantly have a headache these days. SO, will they get over it? I am confident and have seen the evidence that they will. My older two are getting along much better, but then the little ones come in a muck it all up. One thing I have tried with Jake (almost 9)is to make sure I give him enough positive attention…like Boo, he usually gets the bad end of the deal when it comes fighting with his little sister so I try really hard to make up for it with trips to the store (just errands with mom) or reading him a book or playing a game WITHOUT the princess! It really has helpedGood Luck!Janalee


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