I miss my baby! WAH!

This is not the first time I have said this, see here for my post from last year.  And I am sure I could dig out more examples of previous posts.  I miss my BIG boy, my baby.  He is back to school today.  He was very excited.  We got to school right on time and I walked him into his class, helped him put away his backpack, coat and lunch.  At the door to his class his teacher said he could pick a seat wherever he wanted and to start drawing a picture of his family.  He didn’t even remember to say goodbye!  I had to go in and bend down to tell him to have a good day, I love you and give him a kiss.  I think he’s really going to be happy.  His teacher is super nice (and American!).  Wahoo, someone who knows what the American system (the true American system as this is an International American School but it’s not exactly the same as back home).

Chick cried per her usual as we left.  She misses her brother.  But she has made up for it by parking herself on the couch, anywhere she wants for a change, and is watching Rolie Polie Olie before nap time.  Since school starts twenty minutes earlier than the other school did last year (and also gets out five minutes later) we made it back home by 9, even though this new school is farther away.  The worst part about that is no shops open until 10 (except the grocery) so it makes going straight from drop-off to do errands kind of out of the question.  We will see when Chick gets down for nap and when she wakes up.  I was hoping to sneak up to Porta today for a few things.  We need a tablecloth and a serving dish or two for Friday night.  I need to keep occupied today.
So, it’s now 9:28.  6 more hours to go!

3 thoughts on “I miss my baby! WAH!

  1. Even though you miss him I’m sure you’ll enjoy the peace of just one at home during the day! He looks really cute ready for school. We still have nearly two weeks left and I am not ready for my big girl to go back to school. I love having her home and I love not having to rush her off to school and activities every day!I hope he enjoyed his first day and has a great year!Lori


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