The Season has Begun (and other stuff)

Birthday party season that is.  Yep, already just five days into the new school year we’ve got a date for a birthday party this Saturday.  Apparently there are twins in Boo’s class that are turning 6?, anyway the invite didn’t specify the ages but I would assume 6.  So now I have three days to find birthday gifts for these children.  And I say ‘children’ because I am only fairly certain they are both boys.  I really can’t tell from the names, which I think are Italian.  Since we are new to the school I don’t know these children so I have no reference.  Boo when I asked him yesterday only knew GC was in his class.  But when Hubby came home and asked him he said yes G was also in his class along with GC.  We will see.The good thing about the party (other than being smack dab in the middle of a Saturday) is that it is at one of those indoor play places that are super popular here.  It’s a drop-off situation. We blessedly don’t have to stay and supervise.  

I think we will take the three hours given to us and visit the Audi and Saab dealer for fun.  (Car shopping, or window car shopping cheers me up.  And I have been in the dumps lately.)  Not that we are buying a new car.  But in however long from now when we do move I think we’ve come to a nice little agreement on the car situation.  Truly, I am getting something fun.  Boo says Mama should get a convertible (Beetle, to be precise Lucy 2).  I am torn between the Mini (still) and the Beetle.  Have you seen the gas mileage the Mini gets (non-convertible Cooper version)?  Insane.  In an Automatic – 34 hwy, 26 city for a combined – 29 mpg!  That’s 449 miles per tank.  Heeelllo Mini!  (Beetle convertible by comparison – 20/28 Automatic).

But if we are also going to just have fun we will of course need to consider the Audi A4 convertible (21/30 mpg A4 2.0) and the Saab 3 convertible (2.0 gets 18/24 mpg bleh but it’s a cute car with a bigger backseat).  For fun, you know?  Hubby of course will get the family car, a Volvo S60.  Since I really won’t need the space too much (except summer when we’d switch cars… maybe) with kids being in school and all.  I’ve done the mom car thing for 6 years it’s time to spread my wings and have a little fun (or it could be a mid-life crisis.  I don’t know, do women have those??)

But upon searching to the VW site I discovered they have brought back my beloved Jetta Wagon.  In a Sport version.  Nice, Very Nice.  A wagon (should I go the normal sane mom route) is perfect.  Even though I did spend two years driving the BMW 3 wagon I didn’t like it (well the space for the wagon part stunk but the car itself, driving Utopia!).  I much prefer the 3 in the sedan version I am driving now.  But the Jetta wagon doesn’t have that weird back like the 3 does, it’s more squared so you can actually fit stuff.  Which is the point of a wagon right?
Of course I could go whole hog and just get the Mazda 5 mini-minivan.  Hubby would rather die than drive it (he’s actually said he will not ever again do the mini-van thing, he does have a point).  
But lets not destroy my dreamy convertible vision yet.  Allow me some more time to think I am a cool, hip mom.

4 thoughts on “The Season has Begun (and other stuff)

  1. Ahem. I drive a wagon. And I believe myself when I tell myself that I look uber cool and downright hip when I drive it. Mini. Go mini. That is my dream for years from now when we are back in the states. It’s definitely cute. Not much of a snow car…You are the only person other than my husband that thinks car shopping is fun.


  2. lol Brent said we couldn’t have more than three kids because he would NOT drive a mini van. The mini is cute but not around here in the winter. 😦


  3. I like the switch of the mom driving the nice car and the dad driving the wagon. Really stick it to hubby and get him a diesel…lol.I’d go with the Mini cabrio if it’s not a question of space and an A4 if it is.


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