Have you seen me? Blue Camo Lunchbox Goes Missing

Matching backpack, have you seen my lunchbox?

Yep, we lasted a whole 9 days before it happened.  Something was lost at school today.  And not just something, Boo’s lunchbox has decided my lunches were fairly boring.  After school today I noticed Boo seemed a bit lighter on the back of his backpack.  The spot where his lunchbox normally attaches to his backpack was quite… empty.  Light.  

After a bit of tearful explanation (and initially thinking he’d throw out his lunchbox along with his trash) it seems when he left his lunchbox on his seat in the cafeteria to throw away his trash, someone or something absconded with his lunchbox.  He told all his friends it had disappeared (but neglected to inform his teacher).  We searched the cafeteria lost and found box, but nope.  No lunchbox.  I might not mind so much if it weren’t the matching Gymboree Blue Camo $12 lunchbox.  It matches his backpack, has the aforementioned straps to attach it directly to the backpack to ironically, prevent it from getting lost.
Well, all I can say kid, is get used to bringing lunch in a Galeria shopping bag.  Lunchboxes aren’t found here past August 1st. 

6 thoughts on “Have you seen me? Blue Camo Lunchbox Goes Missing

  1. After many many lunch boxes getting “lost” I gave up and my kids get the ever so boring brown paper lunch sacks- although I do decorate them for fun field trips or on their b-days- or used to anyway until they started to roll their eyes at me and say “MMMOOOMMM!” when I handed them out. Who knew that all mom’s of high schoolers don’t “do THAT!” oh well, Jake still likes it and it works well for us.Hope you find it! But if you don’t I would love to go shopping for you and send you a new one.Janalee


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