Lunchbox Update

Thanks to all who enquired about the lunchbox (and thank you to Janalee for her offer to send us a replacement 🙂

The lunch box has been found.  I repeat FOUND!  It was sitting on the bench in the hallway where the kids hang their stuff and change their shoes.  Relief.  
The thing about lunchboxes and backpacks here is once school actually starts you can forget about finding these items again until next July.  As we went through last year when we started school in January and needed a backpack.  The only options I had found were the Scout backpack.  And there is no way I am paying that for a backpack.  For those who don’t know the Scout backpack is really big and kind of hard like it is made of cardboard kind of to keep the shape.  If you want to see it go here.  
Then the price.  Oh. My. Goodness.  147€ (I’ve also seen for a little less at 100€).  I Kid You Not.  That equates to $212-144 respectively.  I am not making this up.  Go to and do the conversion yourself.  This is why I was so determined we were going to find this lunchbox!  You would not believe how many kids here actually have these Scout backpacks either.

5 thoughts on “Lunchbox Update

  1. So glad you found it! Really any time you need me to shop for something I am so happy to help…I have been shopping for water shoes and everything we need for FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! before it goes bye bye around here, so let me know if you need something!Have a good Week,Janalee


  2. Oh dear…Is this what I have to look forward to with my little one? buying backpacks for 150 Euros? Thanks for the heads up. Guess retirement savings will have to wait! He might need a lunchbox someday!


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