Oh, Politics.

This is one topic I probably shouldn’t touch on but…  I’m going to anyway seeing as plenty of others are and it is a debate in my house.  You see here is my problem.  I’m a democrat.  I support Obama.  My Hubby is a republican.  He has not directly said who he supports but I would say it’s likely McCain.  

So, genius that I am, last night as we are laying in bed talking we came to the election.  I was happily and freely giving my opinion of the republicans VP choice, Sarah Palin.  Something about her just does not strike me as who I would want in the White House if Sen. McCain (should he be elected President) were to be incapacitated or die.  I don’t think she has enough experience.  But politics and issues aside I don’t see how she represents the family values republicans are supposed to be about.  I would certainly think that as a mother, she would be more concerned with helping her unwed pregnant teenage daughter.  You can’t control what your children are going to do no matter how we like to think we can.  However, I would definitely be concentrating on helping my daughter cope not running for vice-president of the United States.  Palin also has a special needs child not even a year old.  Again, I don’t understand how gaining a political office such as VP is going to allow her to spend the time dedicating herself to her young family.  
As a mother, it just doesn’t sit well with me.  And she certainly does not represent me as an American mother.   There is no way I could support her even if she was a democrat.
So I’m voting for Obama.  I urge all of you to learn about the candidates (both of them) and make the choice based on their records, the issues they support, not based on party lines.
In an effort to be fair I watched Sarah Palin’s speech today.  And can I just say she’s fairly nasty in her talk.  What about the issues?  All I heard was her trash talking the Democrats and calling names.  What happened to running a campaign based on issues and goals instead of dirty mud slinging?  She praised her successes in her career and talked all about her family (which was positive) she even cracked a fairly good joke about hockey moms.  She can speak well at least.  But I listened and watched Obama’s speech.  I don’t remember him calling names about his opponents.

I am so thankful I don’t have to watch the campaign commercials that are going to be coming from this party!
If you want to see the speech for yourself click here Sarah Palin Speech

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