The Heat is On and You asked, I am Giving

The heat is on officially for the first time today.  Hubby scoffed a bit (and laughed I might add) but it’s 45 degrees outside.  Hello!  That’s cold in my little world and that says I get to turn on the heat.  I can hardly WAIT for what winter will bring (Did ya catch the sarcasm??)  Though I am not nearly as bad as a co-worker of Hubby’s (bear with her though, she is from Mexico or some such warm place) she informed him she had to put her heat on 3 yesterday!   How is she going to survive the winter?  It’s not exactly known for being warm here in the winter.  In fact the past ones we’ve been here for have been down right frigid.  Oh well.  So long as we don’t get a snow issue (or ice) I’ll be ok.  Even though I’ve spent the past 14 years driving in lots of white stuff, I really don’t like it.

Some people have asked about my writing (which I keep mentioning to keep me going, not that I am currently having any problems in that department 🙂  So I decided I may leave a little synopsis of what I am writing about, a blurb if you will (as Boo would put it.)  And I may, I  need to think about it today.  If I do, it’ll be placed below:
Ok, two nights ago our assignment for my writing class was to write a birth order description for our characters in 100 words our less.  This more or less was what I think of as my book blurb.  So I’m posting it.  This is what my book is about (subject to change of course)

Lexi’s life is good.  She has a nice condo, a great job and an excellent best friend.  What she doesn’t have is someone to share her life with.  Her older sister has everything she wants, a great husband, two kids and a fabulous life in London.  When will it ever be her turn?

Meet Luke.  He works for the Cancer Society.  He owns his own home and has a strong faith.  He wants what his parents had.  That one true love. When he meets Lexi, it’s a sign.  But can he love her even if she doesn’t love God?

12 thoughts on “The Heat is On and You asked, I am Giving

  1. I, too, have a book in my head, but I haven’t completely figured out how to get it on paper. Maybe I should stop by and see how it’s going for you more often!Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today, too!


  2. When you said 45 degrees I wasn’t sure if it was F or C. Wow… that’s a bit chilly. I could stand to wear a sweater (or even a long sleeve shirt) one of these days!Wow – how fun that you’re in a writing class. I like your story!


  3. Thanks so much for your comment on last WW. I went out of town and am just getting around to responding. Thanks for tagging me for a meme. How fun!I am ghost writing a book right now. It is going slow. I think the book in my head would be far more fun!Good luck with it!


  4. Sorry to say we are still running our air conditioner,but would actually love to have a little cold front! There is no way I could handle a serious winter experience like I am sure you guys have. Congratulations on getting started. I love seeing others follow their dreams… always inspiring.


  5. Don’t you miss class now that it’s over? I’m still a bit bummed that I missed half of it but I knew that when I signed up for it that it would happen. Really looking forward to her next class … Laurie has a couple of other neat workshops coming up next year that I will sign up for. Check out her website: writing!! 🙂


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