Candid Carries Photo Friday

I’m late, it is Saturday and I am a bit of a fair weather poster for this but here is my contribution to Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday Fiesta.  It’s a video and yes, I know it’s supposed to be a picture but Chick as doing this same thing last night when we went to dinner (to this great 80-90’s soundtrack at the restaurant which IS current day music here in Germany for some reason).  Anyway I couldn’t get a picture of her with the dancing and groovin’ she was doing so this is from last December at the Hard Rock in Berlin.  It cracks me up every time.
Of course Laundry Helpers cracks me up as well.  Listen to that laugh!

6 thoughts on “Candid Carries Photo Friday

  1. That laugh is absolutely infectious! Amazing how the most simple things – like playing touch the finger with your brother could make someone laugh that much! She is adorable!And what a good dancer too. She sure was showing me the way…


  2. You of all people should know there aren’t any rules! I had so many technical difficulties on Friday, Blogger deleted names faster than I could type them in … I actually thought (for just a second) that I was typing to fast for blogger to keep up with me! Love Love Love the videos! Do you know that I have had people post cartoons, and some have not even posted pictures! I am not kidding! So, you are in and thank you for playing 😉


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