Why I am learning to hate Mac’s Pages program

The Pages program from Mac is filled with all kinds of annoying traits.  I have only used Word until about two months ago when I broke down and bought the Pages program so I could write.  Forking over the additional $70 for the Word version for Mac seemed like a bit too much.  I so wish I would have now!  

When I want to email myself a copy of my work (Because trying to figure out getting it saved to a cd was making me tear my hair out.  Did it seriously need to be that complicated??).  I had to first convert it to a different type of file in order to get it to attach to the email.  And that was so self explanatory right?
Now as I am chugging along the font size, without any rhyme or reason keeps changing size on me.  I am writing in Times New Roman size 12 and it keeps knocking it up to 13 at random times (about every five or so minutes).  Of course it obvious when I am writing so I get annoyed and go back and fix it.  Taking up the little time I have to write without kidlets around with fixing stupid things like this.  
Can any Mac Pages users offer up some advice?  I am sorely tempted to chuck Pages and spend the exorbitant amount of money to get Word for this computer ($230 bucks for the disk and $200 to buy and download online).  It is bugging me that much.

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