Big Weekend Coming Up

This coming weekend is the big Whiney ExPat Blogger Weekend in Bremen.  I can’t believe it. Wahoo!  A nice two day vacation for mommy 🙂  It’s going to be a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to it.  I think the drive will be nice too.  It’s about three hours but I love driving Lucy and am already thinking up a new playlist for the iPod.  Another blogger is even staying at the same hotel as me so that’ll be fun.

We’ll do lots of fun stuff, speak ENGLISH! and maybe even sightsee a bit.  I’ll be sure to take a million photo’s, I just charged the camera battery yesterday.  I’m certainly looking forward to seeing those I’ve met before and to meeting new people.

10 thoughts on “Big Weekend Coming Up

  1. You linked to me in a post a while back and it was only today, after signing up for bloglines, that I saw it. I thought that was very kind of you and wanted to make sure to tell you thank you. I also loved your post about culture. It is great to read other’s thoughts about it.Hope you enjoyed a great first day of fall.Thanks


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