I’m Falling Behind

I’m falling behind… on everything these days.  I’ve got 60 blog feeds to read.  Pffsst.  Yeah not happening anytime soon so if anyone posted some great wonderful news – I’ll get to it in about a month.  When I’m at the computer (usually at least 3-4 hours a day) I’m writing.  I’m nearly finished, just a few more chapters and then on to editing.  I’m going to be going nuts this weekend.  While very excited to get out and have fun, I’ll be itching to get my hand on pen and paper (kinda like always these days).  Must make saving to buy laptop top priority after writing.  I’m so bad I now carry pen and paper in the diaper bag (and even do notes on my blackberry while waiting to get Boo from school.)  Yep, I got it bad!

Nothing else exciting except the landlord is coming today to hopefully (and you all cross your fingers please) take care of this thing is my house called BEES.  Yes, BEES.  They are everywhere upstairs and there is no visible sign of a nest anywhere in the attic.  So it’s outside and they are sneaking in through an opening in the attic (which the landlord will plug today).  On average I kill ten BEES a day between my bedroom, the kids rooms (which seriously freaks me out that they are in my kids rooms) and the bathroom upstairs.  This has been going on about 2 months maybe?  They do occasionally find their way to the front door, because it is glass and they are seeking light and a way out.  But thankfully we keep the doors to the living room and kitchen closed so there have only been two or three that have snuck in.  We’ve tried spray and traps and nothing works.
I spend the time getting dressed everyday in a panic that I’m about to get buzzed (which has happened way more times than I can count).  The best is going to the bathroom to shower and discovering there is a bee on my towel.  Yah, I’d rather go to the basement shower and deal with spiders than bees that can fly.  And that is definitely saying something as before the BEES, spiders and snakes were tops on my No-Way-No-How list.  The order is a changing.

5 thoughts on “I’m Falling Behind

  1. Go Andrea!!! Go Andrea! I totally think you are doing just fine… The book sounded awesome (what you told us of anyways) so keep up the good work!!!Sarahk


  2. Oh girl, I am so behind right with you, but I don’t have anything as exciting as an almost finished book as an excuse!! That seems fast!!Problems with bees?! Thank goodness no one there is allergic (or so I assume!!)


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