Show Me Your Blogspace

My BlogSpace- my favorite pictures, note cube, coffee, plastic cup that usually holds M&M’s, phone and internet stuff, notes everywhere and to the left (sorta out of the pic) all my writing notebooks and reference stuff and my favorite pen that was from our pediatrician when we lived in Delaware 🙂

Awhile back there was a blog from Cairo (forgive me I can’t find the link Link found here) that had a Show Me Your View from Your Kitchen Window post and I loved it. I had a lot of fun seeing what was outside people’s windows in different parts of the world. So I thought it’d be fun to see if I could get people to show what their workspace looks like (where you normally blog). I am putting up my picture of my desk and all it’s clutter. If you leave me a comment telling me you’ve posted your own Blogspace I’ll add you to my linky list for Blogspaces!

5 thoughts on “Show Me Your Blogspace

  1. HUH? Oh well – try again.. thanks for the heads up.. It was ME!!! But your photo has made me happy… I desperately need to clean the keyboard of my iMac… same as yours.. Cairo has taken its toll and I am ashamed to say it is in a terrible state… HOW DO I CLEAN IT??? Help…ps.. will show you my blogspace soonCheers Lyndalulu’s bay in Cairo


  2. Oh I love your MAC! Yes I do have some of the same complaints.. You’d be utterly jealous since my views are incredible and I post from my laptop which I can move with my views..By the way, are you very close to Rhinefelden area or Basel or further up? I’m a bit curious to know. 🙂 I used to live in St. Louis/Basel border.


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