Candid Carrie’s Friday Photo Fiesta

OK so I think I change the wording (incorrectly) every week as to the actual title of the event but it’s time to play Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday Fiesta

This is a picture of the sunflower in my neighbors…um, weeds. All along the fence that separates our properties run tall gigantic overgrown out of control weeds (normal here in Germany, they don’t use a lot of chemicals) and this one Sunflower. Isn’t it a beautiful sight?

Adding a thanks to Jackie at Taiwan-On (Taiwan Lucy) for the smile award 🙂 I’m leaving bright and early for my mom only getaway tomorrow so that will be Sunday or Monday’s post. I feel so special. Many Thanks!

And another Ahh, and Thanks! to Tamara at Journey to Jia Lyn who also hit me with the smile award. Double Smiling Post coming up after the weekend 🙂

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