Wonderful Weekend in Bremen

I hardly know where to begin. It was such a fun weekend. Let me start with the car trip. Even though we (me and Friend) hit traffic the closer we got to Bremen it was a fun ride down. After we parked the car at the hotel (highly recommend the Hilton Bremen – Wonderful!) and joined up with the group that was getting the grand tour of the city from Claire (who should really be a tour guide!) We walked around a bit and eventually made our way down the Schlachte to find some lunch. We sat around for a good 2 to 3 hours eating, talking , laughing, enjoying each others company. We eventually headed separate ways till meeting up for dinner at 7. Friend and I partook in some shopping through a glass/craft shop, a toy store and a book store. English books 🙂 So we spent some time in there looking around. We decided to head to a wine bar located, quite conveniently, across from our hotel in the Böttcherstrasse. We enjoyed a lovely Mosel Riesling and people watching while sitting at a outdoor table.

After leaving our purchases at the hotel we headed over to Spaghetti Haus around the corner (again very convenient to our hotel).

I had a great time talking with Sparky and Jen and Kim and bf among others. It was a great dinner and even better company. Being old, we left shortly after ten for the hotel to sleep. Bright and early Sunday morning we had breakfast and headed out into the cold to explore before meeting the group for brunch at Alex’s. More fun, more talking (learning very interesting things some of which were that D at 50% of my DNA and hubby are mondo cool scientists. I can now say I’ve dined with a Neuro Scientist. And chatting up Headbang8 (Deutschland über Elvis) who had me laughing and told me quite a bit about Tokyo where he once lived.)
I wish I had been able to talk with everyone (especially Diane!)

It was wonderful to meet everyone and see how incredibly diverse of a group we are – us crazy expats! I can’t wait till next year 🙂

8 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend in Bremen

  1. I love it! Great pics hon.. The place looks absolutely pristine and wonderful!!!And Valerie if you are out there.. contact me please.. I think you invited me to your IM and I didn’t know it was you and turned you down…Sarah kTaiwankiddo2blogspot.com


  2. The photos are all incredibly amazing. My how many people were out and about in the city! I’m sure it had to be partially as a result of the good weather..And you will really inspire me to get clicking on a few church photos of this beautiful town of Victoria. It’s so European.. really.. Thanks for the pics!


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