What is up?

Bloglines.  This great thing I had discovered and loved using is REALLY starting to make me mad.  I’m not getting all my feeds.  So two of my favorite reads Taiwan-On and 50% of my DNA I haven’t read you all in over a week (Taiwan On even longer!)  I don’t know what is going on.  I’m getting other ones just fine.  I apologize for not commenting on your blogs, I love them I truly do! Something is messed up in my little blog world so I will have to continue to try to remember to manual check your sites for updates.  I apologize. 

And I’ve now discovered Martinis For Two isn’t working on Bloglines either!  Grr.

11 thoughts on “What is up?

  1. Hey Blogging Mama – You are not the first person to tell me that my blog is not updating! I am not sure what is going on. I checked my settings and everything seems fine. Let me know if it doesn’t resolve itself soon.


  2. hmmm… do you still have mine as taiwanlucy? maybe change that if you haven’t? that’s VERY weird if you have. I’m not sure if I did something when I moved it over…


  3. Hmmm… I haven’t had much time for my Bloglines, but for the past few months I noticed that it was keeping old (read) blogs as though I hadn’t read them. That certainly seemed strange. Best of luck figuring it out!


  4. I haven’t tried the “feeds” thin yet. I think I would be too tempted to spend all my time checking out people’s blogs. Instead, I tend to do blog surfing – like I am right now.


  5. I use Bloglines too- I had just told Yelli that she wasn’t updating. But I moved over to Bloglines from Googlereader because GR kept crashing- keeping my read posts as new, and even though I threw it all away and reloaded three times I couldn’t get it to work.Now I really like Bloglines, but feeds do get broken. Generally when I re-add the feed (and delete the old one) the problem corrects itself, but that hasn’t happened with Yelli (it did with Whatever this week).But, I then exported my feeeds over to GR to check it out again and after 30 minutes it also started acting up. So I will just check on Yelli as necessary until the feeds settle out!


  6. Then I should have picked your brain. I am having huge issues with my learning curve. Note how my blog no longer has any photos? Without elements, I’m not certain what to do. And I just got a .wmv and I can’t read it!


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