Cooking With Blogging Mama

I got creative tonight.  I love to cook, all sorts of things (it’s the dishes I despise).  So tonight I did one oldie but goodie (chicken fajitas) and one new to me recipe – mojitos!  I went with the Absolute Citron version of Mojitos cause we don’t care much for rum around here.  
(I’d like to add we aren’t really drinkers other than wine but I was in the mood to kick the dreary weather blues!)

Chicken being cooked, looks kinda gross I know

And a new classic is born – Fajitas and Mojitos for a boring Tuesday!
Fajitas is kinda obvious, cook chicken, when done add fajita seasoning.  Saute peppers and onion cut in strips in a bit of veggie oil.
Assemble fajitas using shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream (saure sahne for my German friends, not quite sour cream like the US but close) and Mexican rice.  We like Uncle Ben’s instant, takes two minutes in the microwave.
For Absolute Citron Mojitos:
3 Parts Absolute Citron Vodka
2 Parts Lime Juice
1 Part Simple Syrup (just Google simple syrup)
Mint leaf
I added a bit of Tonic Water to make it yummy

6 thoughts on “Cooking With Blogging Mama

  1. I just noticed that you signed up to be a follower on my blog. Thank you very much – I am truly/honestly honored.And since I am lost, that now makes two of us.


  2. So was that a full glass of Vodka that you drank with dinner? 😉 Fajitas sound yummy! My family is boring. Plain ole beef tacos for them.


  3. V – Yeah, um no. It had other stuff…I actually prefer it 1 1/2 part vodka to two parts tonic, 2 parts lime, 1 part simple syrup. You could also just ditch the vodka and go virgin, I’m guessing that’d be pretty good too. I may try that tonight!


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