The News

There are some disturbing news articles out there today (and I never even left the Yahoo main page).  The first would be this one Iceland Close to National Bankruptcy  The country Iceland.  Hm, now that may not be a big place but the impact on Europe would be significant.

Here’s another one that’s fun Russia’s Exchange Closes   

Global Stock Markets Plunge  Anyone else getting all warm and fuzzy yet?  This is seriously freaking me out.  I was feeling really happy we weren’t in the US right now but the crisis is now into every country.  There was also the really upbeat tagline yesterday that a man worried over the financial crisis killed himself and his entire family.  I didn’t read the article for obvious reasons.  What on earth is going on?  Is anyone else scared about all of this?
But of course then we have this great news – Nepal Appoints Three Year Old Girl as Living Goddess – so why worry right?  It’s a bit horrifying all on its own.  She can look forward to a great life of having to live by herself in the temple till puberty and then since it’s unlucky to marry a former goddess, a lifetime of being alone.  Oh, sign me up for that!
Yep, the news stinks today.

6 thoughts on “The News

  1. I know it is all scary! As interest rate rise yet AGAIN in Norway it is only a matter of time til families are being thrown out of their homes here as well… Not good times…NOT AT ALL.. Iceland going broke is really a scary thought…


  2. I can’t even wrap my mind around it all. I knew these mortgages were a crazy, dumb idea. But I had no idea how it was percolating through everything and tainting it. I’m scared cuz no one seems to have known that this was coming. What else is coming that no one has had the foresight to predict????


  3. It isn’t helping me out. I am in the middle of an adoption! Stay stable just 4 more months?? It almost seems that because the U.S. is floundering so is everyone else! It is scary!Sarah


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