I’ve Been Tagged – 7 things meme

I’ve done several of these before so I don’t know what else I’m going to add but I was tagged by Tamara at Journey to Jia Lyn for a 7 random facts meme.  So here come 7 more random things about me.  Bet you can’t wait 🙂

1.  My music taste is really eclectic.  Some samples from my iPod – Bach, Portishead, Julie Roberts, Jars of Clay, Collective Soul, Norah Jones.  Classical, electronica, country, Christian,  alternative and jazz.  Yep, I listen to anything but heavy metal and most country, some I do like though.
2.  I don’t like my name.  I think most people want their name to be different but growing up in the 80’s everyone was named Andrea.  And it bugged me!  I wanted to be something glamorous like, Lindsey (’cause there weren’t any of those, lol).
3.  When I was in my freshman year of college I pledged and became a member of a social sorority.  Delta Phi Epsilon.  Completely out of character for this girl who would rather read a book than attend a party.
4.  I become euphoric when autumn comes because I love the changing leaves.  I’m always saying ‘Oh, look, no look!’  Hubby’s usually driving, maybe I shouldn’t distract him…
5.  I still dream of living in New York City.  A friend from college and I were always going to live there.  She worked in the city but that’s as close as we got.  We also had the goal of driving Route 66 but never made it.   Maybe someday.
6.  I love decorator fabric stores.  Give me JoAnn’s, Hancock Fabrics or this wonderful Waverly outlet that was near our house in the US.  I’m a big fabric person.  I have lots and lots of great prints but my sewing machine is broken 😦  so no pillows are being made around here.  I do have this super cute bright golden yellow with red roosters print I wanted to spice up the white kitchen with but I can’t get a curtain rod to stay up with the plaster walls.
7.  You’ve seen my music tastes, my decor is eclectic as well.
I know the rules say to tag 7 people but I don’t feel like tagging anyone so if you want to play let me know and once you post your answers I’ll make a link to your site.

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